Home for Christmas!

This was the first Christmas in a number of years that my sister and her family were here to celebrate with us.  It was fantastic!!

None of us travel by road during this season because of previous experiences.  The road conditions, drivers and weather are all better when we are not travelling at this time of year.  It is Murphy’s Law for our families and as a result we all stay home.You are very welcome!

They flew into town just in time for dinner on Christmas day. It was a busy, loud, delicious meal made tastier because of the company.  I love my family!!

It still makes me laugh.  There is just the two of us, my sister and I.  Between our two families, there are five grand kids.  Currently they are 17, 17, 15, 15 & 14 years old.  Four of them boys, four, not yet fully grown, adult sized man children. Way to rock my parents quiet world!  They are absolutely wonderful and overwhelming with their humour, energy, and sound.  They are all still under the influence of their developing minds, any of you with teenage boys know the implications of this.

They are unaware of the potential consequences of their actions.
They are often clueless of the impact of their behaviour on others.
They are rowdy.
They are loud. (easier to tolerate without a headache)
Direction is seen as more of a suggestion.
Listening is viewed as optional.

Sometimes that is because the request/instruction has not yet been fully computed by the time the behaviour has begun.  Once understood, the behaviour can no longer be avoided and that look of understanding dawns as the result is now fully out of their control. Hilarious!!

Caught in the middle of all of this, is the oldest grandchild. A girl, who is aware of all these things and their implications.  She has never tried to reign them in, she usually joins in, active and high spirited like the rest of them. Often, she is highly amused by them and loves it all. Though, there are times she observes wide eyed, wondering what is going to happen.

In short, when we are all together, life is a riot.

Yesterday as we were enjoying one another’s company an old photo album was pulled out. Pictures of them from when they were little. Towheaded toddlers. Curly, brown haired, mischief in the making. Playing cars, lots of cars.


So many good memories of times spent together, times like this Christmas.

We were so blessed my sister and I, we are best friends and we married best friends. There was just this feeling of immediate family. We all like doing the same stuff. There was history. It was easy.  Not perfect, nothing is perfect this side of heaven. But it is really, really good.  As good as it gets I think. The bottom line is, we love each other and desire the best for each other.  We are a family of faith, diversity and personality.

It is hard that we are so far from one another, but that makes these times together all the more special. Moments we can grab that build us stronger and closer are treasured.

My sister and her husband are already home, they were here for 28 hours.  It was short, too short, but sweet.  We are looking forward to next time. My nephews are here for a few more days. Our hearts are full of thanks that we had this time together.  It felt more like Christmas. We enjoyed one another’s company. We played games, took ourselves and the dogs for a big long walk, watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It was good!!

Right now, in my small comfortable home, there are 5 almost full grown kids. We are loving the sound of their laughter, banter and their enjoyment of one another.  Their laughter makes us laugh.  Their wit is getting more complicated and savvy all the time. I love how their minds are developing.  I love that they love to be together.  It is fun to see who they are becoming, what their gifts & interests are. We are getting ready to go sledding. More memories that will bring us together.

It was, by far, the best Christmas gift this year. It was so great to be together!!

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