Jealous! For a Good Reason?

I know. It seems counter intuitive. When could jealousy ever be good?  I have had a number of conversations specifically this week. Some people I have talked with have been dreaming to live some where else. Some have had dreams they want to accomplish here. The result? I have felt jealous!

Let me explain.

It seems like people either love our city, or hate it.  People sometimes love it, but work opportunities may seem better in other locations. I don’t like losing great people to that scenario. Some people struggle to love our city and can sometimes feel like they are just putting in time until they get out. Sometimes I wonder if people are wearing rose colored glasses. Glasses that make it seem like any where but here would be better. Sometimes I wonder if people know that they can do more than just survive a place until they leave. I also feel sad when people quickly dismiss the part our city had in their personal, academic or professional development. In a way dismissing us is looking down on us.

I see so much potential in our city. We have amazing people. I used to work at a salon downtown. It was frequented by business people who flew in periodically for work. All of them would comment on how friendly and amazing the people here are.

I get really exited when I hear people dreaming dreams for our city.  I love it when people embrace what we have to offer and choose to love our city well.  I am “over the moon” thrilled when people choose to dive in and give our city their best.

That is how I am jealous for my city.

I love the people and I love the recreation. I love what we as a city have to offer and I love our potential. I love how we could raise our family here. I love the sport, music and theater that has developed in our city.  I love the opportunities our kids have had. I love the families we have met and friends we have made. I love our city.

I am jealous for people of quality and vision to embrace our city and help us reach our potential. I am jealous when people are saving their best for some where else. I don’t want people who have a lot to offer to go somewhere else. I want them to offer it here. I want people who have the skills and abilities to meet the needs of our community to use those skills here. For us, for our people, for our city. I love it when people have dreams for our youth or ideas that will provide opportunity and development for others.

I want people who think they are just passing through to dream big while they are here.  I want them to accomplish cool things now. Here, in our city. I don’t want people to feel they have to wait for life to start. I want them to start living here. I want them to offer what they have to us and allow us to give back to them.

I am jealous for our city. Is it a good reason to be jealous? I am not sure, but it is how I am feeling.

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